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Media Majlis

Media Majlis is an event series that enhances the quantity and quality of climate-related media coverage.

Recognizing the media's vital role in climate communication, UICCA convenes journalists, subject matter experts, policymakers, and scholars who share a common commitment to understanding and addressing climate change. Each Media Majlis bridges the gap between science and society.


The Media Majlis series is catalyzing the climate conversation in the UAE.


Members of the media per meeting


Members of the media have a unique opportunity to capture the attention of the public and advance the climate conversation.

Public opinion is just as important as technology in the fight against climate change. By making environmental news coverage more accessible, participants in the Media Majlis series are taking a critical step to galvanise climate action.

Climate reporting is famously complex. By simplifying and clarifying key ideas for a general audience, we can better reflect the magnitude and urgency of the climate crisis.

The Media Majlis includes themes for each gathering, from the science of global warming to the importance of carbon capture. Each conversation is moderated by subject matter experts who demystify the science and help members of the media improve their reporting.

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