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UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators strengthens global partnerships at London Climate Action Week

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Whether it’s the emerging climate technologies we support and scale up through our accelerator programme, the alternative sustainable financing mechanisms we look to introduce, or the policy recommendations we make to create an enabling environment for climate action, our North Star remains consistent.

What inspired me about this meeting was seeing the clear impact this business model has had. For every dollar that the Global Innovation Fund have invested into these start-ups, they have gone on to raise 7.5 times more dollars – a clear demonstration of the positive domino effect that can be achieved when we work together to give a concept with potential the chance to shine.

As we race against the clock in the fight against climate change, it has become impossible to ignore the escalation in climate-related catastrophes across the world. These impacts greatly affect underprivileged populations; marginalised persons, developing nations, rural communities… Securing a climate-ready economy requires a wide lens in which all pieces of the climate action puzzle must be considered for us to get a full picture in resilience and adaptation.

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