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Climate Adaptation

We develop tools to navigate a changing climate. We engage with key stakeholders to ensure that infrastructure and ecosystems are resilient for a warmer future.

Climate adaptation involves changes in natural and human systems to manage the impact of climate change.

Climate change is transforming the UAE as we know it. Even as we work to combat the effects of global warming, we must also adapt to a new reality. We align with global climate adaptation efforts to prepare for climate disasters and extreme weather events in our region.

Most recently, the SME Sustainability Alliance was launched at COP28 by UICCA, in partnership with the Emirati Entrepreneur Association (EEA). The Alliance is developing an ecosystem of business leaders to acclerate climate action among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Media Majlis is an event series that enhances the quantity and quality of climate-related media coverage.

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Climate Call is a problem-solving platform powered by the people most impacted by climate change.

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